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Specific Role Of Collagen Peptide As Ordinary Food - I

1.       To improve the elasticity of skin and slow down aging.

The reason why the skin wrinkles are due to the aging of collagen in the dermis, so collagen peptides can not only quickly generate the dermal collagen, but also have effect on anti – wrinkle and moisturizing.

As a main component of skin, when the aging skin wrinkles, collagen peptides can replenish collagen that tissues lose, promote the regeneration of skin cells and restore the elasticity of skin to keep skin smooth and elastic. Because of the low Polypeptide and small molecular weight, the collagen peptides in the product can be absorbed more easily by body when taking, and by skin with a better effect when used externally.

2.       To brighten and whiten the skin

When absorbed by skin, the collagen peptides is filled between the dermis to increase the tightness, tension of skin, and to shrink the pores to make the skin tighter and more elastic.

The luster of the skin depends on water content, good water retention ability of collagen makes the skin moist and shiny. Also collagen peptides can inhibit the generation of melanin to prevent melanin deposition, so as to achieve the purpose of whitening.