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Specific Role Of Collagen Peptide As Functional Health Food - I

1.       To activate cell function. Provide a variety of amino acids to help the body make new tissue, to replace necrotic tissue and to constitute the new tissues, and directly transport oxygen and various nutrients to the cells.

2.       To improve immunity. The combination of immune cells and collagen peptides can produce antibodies against bacteria, viruses and infections, so that the immune function can be increased by at least several times.

3.       To promote wound healing. To help the wound blood coagulation, and the effect is particularly evident for the patients after surgery.

4.       Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The collagen peptides can ensure the metabolism to form the vascular intima "molecular sieve", which will maintain "molecular sieve" a young state, and promote the update and softening of the vascular wall fibrous layer to effectively maintain the elasticity of the vascular wall and to prevent the vascular from the rupture and embolization, and effectively remove and break down blood fat to lower the blood pressure and regulate the blood lipids, so as to fundamentally prevent the various blood and vascular disease.

5.       To improve osteoporosis. Collagen peptides can maintain the toughness of the bones, supply bones with the necessary nutrients and energy and enhance the bone absorption to effectively improve the situation of bone loosening.