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Introduction Of Pectin

What is Pectin?

Pectin is a group of polygalacturonic acid. Under suitable conditions, the solution can form gel and partially methoxylate (methyl esterification, that is, the formation of methanol ester), the main component is part of the methyl esterification of α-1,4-D-galactoaldehyde acid. The remaining carboxyl units are present in the form of free acids or form salts such as ammonium, potassium sodium and calcium.


Character of Pectin

Pectin is white or yellow or light gray, light brown powder to fine powder, odorless, taste sticky slip. Dissolved in 20 times the water, the formation of milky white viscous colloidal solution, and it was weak acid. Heat resistance, almost insoluble in ethanol and other organic solvents. With ethanol, glycerol, sugar syrup moist, or more than 3 times the sugar mixture can improve the solubility. In acidic solution than in alkaline solution.


Pectin is mostly extracted from fruits, such as orange, cirtus, apple etc.

Pectin is a natural polymer compounds, with good gelation and emulsification stabilizing effect. It has been widely used in food, medicine, cosmetic and textile industry. Pomelo fruit is rich in pectin,with content of about 6%, and is the ideal raw material for the preparation of pectin. Pectin fruit pectin, pectin powder and low methoxy pectin three, especially in the application of pectin powder is the most common. Pectin powder and low methoxyl pectin can be prepared from pomelo peel.