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Function Of Type II Collagen

What is Type II Collagen?

Type II collagen is mainly extracted from cartilages, mostly from chicken. It is good to joints health, so widely used for joint care.


Classification of type II collagen

There are two kinds of type II collagen, one is hydrolyzed type II collagen, and the other is undenatured type II collagen, which is much more expensive than former. In our life, most type II collagen is hydrolyed.

Application of type II collagen

  • Medicine, functional health food, nutritious food;

  • can be used as emulsifier drinks nutritional supplements, but also made into tablets, granules, hard capsules and so on.

Target user of type II collagen

  • People whose Skeletal stiffness, joints are not flexible, need to increase bone toughness;

  • People who Need to increase the transparency of the eye;

  • People who has Skin relaxation, wrinkles ;

  • People who has Stains, large pores;

  • People who has Dry skin, yellowish;

  • People whose Hair yellow, easy to break, fingernails brittle.