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Type II Chicken Cartilage Collagen For Joints Health

Type II Chicken Cartilage Collagen For Joints Health

Collagen is a kind of protein made up of amino acids, which can be made from bovine skin, bovine bone, fish skin, fish scale, pork skin, chicken bone and so on. It is composed of three peptide chains which twisted into screw-type. Its protein content is above 95%, having 18 kinds’ amino acids such as glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and so on. And the hydroxyproline is the most special amino acid that only exists in collagen. 7 kinds of which are essential for people.

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Product description

Collagen type II: is a combination of proteoglycan and glycoprotein, derived from biological cartilage tissue, obtained by low temperature special invention production process extraction. Proteoglycan is a special core protein molecules, polymerization of a number of sugar molecules formed by the long-chain negative molecules of large molecules, but also contains Ⅰ, Ⅲ type has complete glycoprotein molecules, unique, full of activity.



Test itemStandard
Foreign   matterNo normal sight visible impurities, no color
Moisture (%)≤8.0
Protein   Proportion≥ 60.0
(N ×5.79 %)
The content   of chondroitin surfate (%)≥18.0
Mucopolysaccharide   (%)≥26.0
Ash (%)≤12.0
Fatty (%)≤5.0
Arsenic   content(mg/kg)≤1.0
Lead (mg/kg)≤0.5
Mercury   (mg/kg)≤0.1
Molds and   yeast (CFU/g)≤50
Total   bacterial count( CFU/g)≤1000
Coli group   (CFU/g)<10
Shigella   (/25g)Negative
Staphylococcus   aureus (/25g)Negative


Type II collagen is good for joints health, mainly used for Medicine, functional health food, nutritious food; can be used as emulsifier drinks nutritional supplements, but also made into tablets, granules, capsules, beverages and so on.


Store in dry and cool place, avoid sunlight and high temperature.




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